About Us

BV Aplikacje is part of BV Grupa specializing in developing, implementing and designing software. 

In the course of our activity the software we develop has been implemented in a few hundred companies in Poland.
As far as software development is concerned, lately we have been working on the telecommunications market (all GSM providers, independent providers of cable telephony, internet companies) as well for financial institutions (banks, insurance companies). The main scope of our activity in this respect includes: broadly defined CRM, websites, e-commerce, EAI/SOAP integration bus. Our services have been provided primarily on the basis of subcontracting agreements for large software-houses.

We have our own solutions for the selected branches (e.g. specialized software for large law companies, systems for visualization and management of intelligent buildings).

We particularly specialize in the following types of projects:

  • Small applications supplementing the activities of the company developed upon request (for example: recruitment management system, small telephone directory, multimedia coursebook for primary school, helpdesk notification system, survey system for HR counselling)
  • Interfaces for combining others systems within the company, data exchange, integration (for example an interface between the debt-collecting system and e-court)
  • Programs that involve the use of hardware (operating equipment, automation – for example: software that controls the machine in charge of a part of the production process in the scope of automation, unique solutions in the scope of automation of buildings integrated with EIB/KNX)
  • Large applications of „enterprise” class – developed by whole teams of IT specialists (example: business-to-business commercial website for the customer from the food industry – c. 200,000 customers served, portal implemented in 4 EU countries, budget >1 million PLN for programming works)
  • We guarantee that all the engineers participating in the projects possess at least the following competences:
    The knowledge of the whole process of developing software from the analysis of requirements, developing through programming to implementing.
  • Perfect knowledge of the English language. Fluency in the language.
  • Analytical skills, project management
  • Very good knowledge of programming in .NET – C#, ASP.NET (2.0, 3.0, 3.5) environment,
  • Very good knowledge of the following suites and tools: Visual Studio 2008/10, Team System, Source Safe, Visio, MS Build, Enterprise Library
  • The knowledge of databases – SQL Server 2005/2008, Oracle
  • Experience in at least a few projects of similar scale
  • Microsoft MCP Certificates in the scope of technologies used.